Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need access to my vehicle?

Not in all situations, in some cases we do need to gain extra encrypted data via a snoop diagnostic device whilst your original key is communicating with the vehicles ECU/BCM, for the first stage of the cloning  process.

How long will it take?

Allow a minimum time of 25 to 30 minutes decoding & laser/track cutting and transponder programming.

What is a BCM or ECU?

It is the term or description given to the electronic/computer system that manages the electrical system  & functions of your vehicle.

Body Control Module/Electronic Control Unit

Will it affect my original key?

No it is a read only function that is utilised on the original key, all stored data/encryption remains as per original key provided.

What is a transponder?

Transponder is short for = transmitter & responder.

A transponder chip disarms a vehicle ‘s immobiliser when the key is used to start the engine. Most vehicles manufactured after 1993 may have transponder chips standard, but was not until 2001 when it was mandatory for vehicles to have a transponder type device standard manufacturer.

Can it get wet? Is it waterproof?

Yes it can. The GTI chip is encased in glass making it 100% waterproof.

Don’t I need to go to the manufacturer?

In most cases no. Dunrite services have innovative key cutting technology that links directly with manufacturers database to ensure security, privacy and accurate transponder replacement without the fuss.

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